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The Momo King Vision

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7 Oct

The Momo King Vision

The Momo King vision: Bringing Himalayan hospitality to the world

Mr Thakur is optimistic about The Momo King’s worldwide success. “We are looking at all possible areas, “ he says. “We do not want to leave anything unexamined.” The plan is to open 120 outlets in India over the next two years. The brand will operate its own stores, as well as look for franchisees to reach customers- depending on the local market.

The vision for the brand

VISION: To become a global brand.

The Momo King has a unique business model- it requires less investment, and Mr Thakur is confident that franchisees will be able to recover their expenses much faster than in other businesses. Because The Momo King stresses on affordability along with product quality, it will drum up volumes faster and maintain a loyal customer base and cement the brand as the one that defines the authentic taste of Himalayan momo.

In India, The Momo King plans to operate kiosks, stand-alone stalls and proper dine-in facilities. The Momo King has something for everyone- because its founder believes that his brand should reflect the versatile nature of the products he is serving. “Momo are great as snacks, they are a popular street food, and you can also have them as lunch and dinner,” he says. “So we want to make sure that you will find a The Momo King outlet that will serve you for whatever occasion you have in mind.”

And that makes sense since The Momo King wants to respond to the needs of young India. “Our products are great, our service is fast, and we are authentic,” Mr Thakur talks about his company. “We understand that our customers look for quality at affordable rates, and often prefer to have their food on the go. We want to be everything they are looking for.”

The Mission

By offering ethically sourced, quality food products which are reasonably priced and produced in a hygienic environment.

The Momo King wants to reach out to as many customers as possible and wants to keep their customers happy. Being a progressive, friendly and forward-thinking brand, The Momo King keeps innovating its products. You will find new recipes and concepts regularly at The Momo King.

The Momo King aspires to create value for its stakeholders and serve its customers with gusto. “We are a friendly, helpful, cheerful team that believes in satisfying your appetites”, says Mr Thakur. “The Momo King is poised at the edge of a global breakthrough. We aim to tickle your taste buds and take the spirit of Himalayan hospitality and cuisine to the world.”


The Momo King Core Values :

Customer Focus
We value and respect everyone who comes through our doors. We strive to listen & serve them a genuine experience of enjoying the authentic taste of the Himalayan treats.

We are committed to offering a consistent service around the world. We will keep on striving to continue to serve, entice and delight.

Following the highest standards of professionalism and being recognized for doing so. Integrity, to us, means not only in terms of money and originality but also, encompassing all others forms as are generally understood.

Family and community are an essential part of life at The Momo King. Here we uphold the belief that we work best when we work together and share experiences and perspectives to bring great ideas & innovations to the table.