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The Momo King Story

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7 Oct

The Momo King Story

For Mr Shyam Narayan Thakur, momo are a passion. “I want to redefine the word,” he says. “I want people to think of Momo King when they think of momo. I want to make my brand synonymous with it.”

Mr Thakur is no stranger to the food and hospitality industry. He is also the man behind The China Bar- which is the preferred party destination for the people of Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. Momo King is already an established brand in Malaysia and a popular hangout. He now wants to recreate the same magic in India.

The idea for Momo King came to him during his trip to Australia, where he spotted people of all kinds flocking a south Asian noodle joint. Mr Thakur was pleasantly surprised to see how popular the cuisine was, and decided to introduce the world to the other Asian favourite- momo.

Initially opened as an accessory to his existing China Bar establishment in Kuala Lumpur, Momo King became an immensely popular local hotspot. Today, Momo King is a flourishing business in Malaysia, and we are aiming to go global.  We want to share our history and give the world a taste of Himalayan cuisine and hospitality. Momo King is not just about authentic tastes; it is about bringing fresh, high quality and hygienic momo to the masses.

India loves momo, and we aim to give you the best of its kind. Our first step will be in Delhi in Okhla, and we plan to spread to other parts of the country and present you with our signature dishes that are one of a kind. We want to celebrate the spirit of diversity that defines India, and we aim to incorporate local flavours in all the regions we operate in.

You can have momo on the go, snack on them and even have them for lunch or dinner at our fine dine-in restaurants. Whatever be the occasion, we are here to serve your every need.

Momo King will soon open outlets in Poland, Amsterdam and Berlin. The name is also being trademarked in the USA. In India, we hope to open 120 outlets over two years.

Our mission

  • To serve everyone that walks through our doors, and to welcome the entire world to experience our hospitality.
  • To give our customers the authentic taste of the Himalayan momo, which are infused with rare and unique herbs and spices.
  • To enhance our bouquet of offerings by incorporating the local flavours in the regions we operate.
  • To bring you clean, fresh and high-quality food at affordable rates.