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Safety Measures To Ensure Safe Delivery!

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27 Jul

Safety Measures To Ensure Safe Delivery!

The pandemic, Covid-19 showed up on our doors like an uninvited guest. It left us panicked, perplexed and frightened. Everyone was contributing their ideas of handling it: extreme sanitation, social distancing, shutting down everything and millions of unwanted suggestions too.

The world was feeling like a bewildering place. We already understood the necessity of hygiene, cleanliness, sanitation and maintaining a standard but still, the situation was challenging because everything had to be done in extreme. The new concept of social distancing was puzzling for us as well but we decided to act on it immediately.

We called up for an urgent meeting with our team and laid out the future plan with all the information we had.

1) Sanitation

It was still easy to follow all the safety measures for team members that stayed inside the restaurant but what to do with the delivery staff that was always going in and out? We decided to brief them about the necessity of wearing masks and plastic face shield and also supplied it to them.

We made them wash/sanitize their hands every time they left and entered. We discussed contactless delivery. We realized that it was less challenging than we imagined, thanks to our immensely supportive team members who followed everything very seriously.

2) Checking Temperature before Allowing

As it was guided, we started checking temperatures of our employees and customers before allowing. We couldn’t put our team or our customers at risk but also, work from home wasn’t the option available to us. Running any business comes with many responsibilities and we take each of them seriously.

We trained and strictly ordered our security guard to check the temperature of every person that enters our outlet.

3) Cleaning and Disinfecting

Even after taking so many precautions, it was not over. We required to direct our employees regarding frequent hand-washing and sanitising at least for 20 seconds to ensure safety. To wash hands after touching shared objects, clean surfaces frequently and covering their mouth with a tissue before sneezing and dispose of it properly.

4) Social Distancing Inside The Outlet

Well, when things started to get a little better, we finally decided to open up our outlet publicly. Checking the temperature and asking people to sanitize their hands before entering. We only allow 3-4 people at a time inside the outlet and we’re taking every precaution we can. We are grateful to have customers for their patience and making all of this easy.

5) Keeping Up With The Regular Reminders

It gets tough when you’re working with food, to prepare hundred of orders every day and still keeping every detail in mind. We understand the struggle of our employees as this all still new to all of us and that is why we decided to put up signs/messages in front of the sink and around prep station.

We keep a regular check and call for regular meetings regarding these new set guidelines. To make sure that it is being followed strictly and if any issue comes up, we try to resolve it immediately. Our team members are not mere employees for us, they’re like our family and we know what is the most important key to a happy family:- Communication.