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We are committed to provide you healthy, clean and authentic momos at affordable rates. Momo King is the perfect destination for foodies who want the real taste of Himalayan momos.

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Experience the spirit of Himalayan hospitality at our restaurants. Furnished in warm wood, we incorporate traditional design elements to give you that authentic Asian feel. We welcome everyone who walks through outdoor, and our staff will do their best to accommodate all your needs.

Momo King Founder Shyam Thakur


Delicious Food at Momo King. Enjoy in India & Malaysia

Delicious Food

Love Momos? Then you must try one from Momo King. Taking the love of Momos to a new level King of Momos is here in India. We guarantee you that you can never have just one!

Authentic Taste of Momos at Momoking in India and Malaysia

Authentic Taste

Ever wondered, how Momos tastes like in Tibet, Nepal or China. Momo King uses original recipe and cooks Momos in the traditional way to bring it to you in its authentic taste. You will ask for more!

Momos made with Real Ingredients at Momoking India and Malaysia

Real Ingredients

Momo King only uses real ingredients to make the freshest, real Momos to bring alive the flavours of. After eating Momos at Momo King you will realise the power of real ingredients!