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Our Menu

Experience the spirit of Himalayan hospitality at our fine dine in restaurants. Furnished in warm wood, we incorporate traditional design elements to give you that authentic Asian feel. We welcome everyone who walks through out door, and our staff will do their best to accommodate all your needs.
  • Kothey momo is a signature Nepali dish. It is a half fried and half steamed momo, often elongated in shape.

  • Steamed momos are a traditional delicacy for people from Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal and Ladakh.

  • Soup Momo give you the heartiness of a home-cooked meal and keep you filled for a long night.

  • Filled with sautéed vegetables and meat of your choice, these momos are deep fried to give them that scrumptious golden-brown colour.

  • The momo king’s signature dish. Easy on the palate, the open momos are serves with four different kinds of sauces to offset the classic taste.

  • Oven cooked dumplings in Tandoori flavor served in mint sauce

  • Spicy and tangy choice of pan fried dumplings tossed in traditional Nepali tempered masala.

  • Noodles made in a steamy broth flavored with Nepali herbs and veggies

  • Preciously delicious and classic momos paired in hot and spicy Nepali sauce

  • An absolute favorite of everyone, stir-fried noodles in Hakka Han style