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Sandheko Momo

Spicy and tangy pan fried dumplings tossed in traditional Nepalese tempered masala.

Sandheko Momo

Sandheko is a term used to describe a mixture of spices and natural ingredients like ginger, garlic, red onions, cumin, coriander, and chillies. It is often used to spice up leftover foods by many families. Food tossed with sandheko is often eaten as snack.

Sandheko momo make great appetizers. It invigorates the taste buds and adds another layer of texture when served with pan-fried momo.

Choice of dumplings

You can try your choice of dumplings in Momo King’s special customizations.

Darjeeling Chicken Momo: This is the classic version, which contains juicy chicken dumplings with clean flavours, and is traditionally served with hot dalle chilli tomato chutney.

Masala Chicken Momo: For pious non-vegetarians, we have our succulent chicken dumplings infused with special Nepalese herbs. These are traditionally served with Nepalese chutney.

Cheese Momo: For the cheesy and calorific, there is our cheese momo, which is made with special mozzarella cheese mixed with aromatic vegetables, and served with our special garlic chilli mayo sauce.

Mushroom Momo: If you are all for exotic veggies, go for our mushroom momo. Made with three types of mushrooms, these are slow cooked in clarified butter and served with traditional Nepalese chutney.

Cabbage and Paneer Momo: Of course, we can’t our own desi cottage cheese. These momo contain slow cooked cabbage and paneer in clarified butter. Served with hot dalle chilli tomato chutney

Soybean Momo: Veg-only but no compromise on the protein? Go for our soybean momo, which consist of mouthful Nutrella chunks cooked in Nepalese masalas, and are served with traditional Nepalese chutney.

The Momoking

Sandheko Momo

Spicy and tangy pan fried dumplings tossed in traditional Nepalese tempered masala.

PREP 5 min
COOK 20 min
3 servings
365 kcal


  • Darjeeling Veg - 99/139
  • Exotic Veg Momo (Beetroot) - 99/149
  • Spicy Cottage Cheese - 109/169
  • Darjeeling Chicken - 109/169
  • Chicken & Waterchestnut - 109/199
  • Ladakhi Mutton Momo - 139/199