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Jhol Momos

Soup Momo give you the heartiness of a home-cooked meal and keep you filled for a long night.

Jhol Momos

What is better than a bowl of comforting soup? Momos in soup. Soup momo is a dish with steamed momo immersed in a clear broth- satisfying your appetite and fortifying your mood. Add an extra zing to it by topping it up with some chilly sauce.

Throughout Asia, you will find some or the other variant of the dumpling soup. In places like Myanmar, Tibet and Vietnam, you will find the traditional Khao suey or thukpa- which is their signature noodle soup. Soups with dumplings, rice and noodles are considered a wholesome meal in Asia and are becoming increasingly popular among the younger people all over the world who want a comforting and complete meal without making too much of an effort.

Soup Momo gives you the heartiness of a home-cooked meal and keeps you filled for a long night. If you want to experience the ultimate soupy momo, order a plate during winter.  

Choice of dumplings

You can try your choice of dumplings in Momo King’s special customizations.

Darjeeling Chicken Momo: This is the classic version, which contains juicy chicken dumplings with clean flavours, and is traditionally served with hot dalle chilli tomato chutney.

Masala Chicken Momo: For pious non-vegetarians, we have our succulent chicken dumplings infused with special Nepali herbs. These are traditionally served with Nepali chutney.

Cheese Momo: For the cheesy and calorific, there is our cheese momo, which is made with special mozzarella cheese mixed with aromatic vegetables, and served with our special garlic chilli mayo sauce.

Mushroom Momos: If you are all for exotic veggies, go for our mushroom momos. Made with three types of mushrooms, these are slow cooked in clarified butter and served with traditional Nepali chutney.

Cabbage and Paneer Momo: Of course, we can’t our own desi cottage cheese. These momos contain slow cooked cabbage and paneer in clarified butter. Served with hot dalle chilli tomato chutney

Soybean Momo: Veg-only but no compromise on the protein? Go for our soybean momos, which consist of mouthful Nutrella chunks cooked in Nepali masalas, and are served with traditional nepali chutney.

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Jhol Momos

Soup Momo give you the heartiness of a home-cooked meal and keep you filled for a long night.

PREP 10 min.
COOK 25 min
8 servings
601 kcal
Ready in 35 min


  • White flour
  • Minced meat/grated paneer/minced vegetables
  • Garlic minced
  • Ginger minced
  • Soya sauce
  • Salt
  • Oil
  • Our secret Himalayan herbs