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Frozen Momo

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Exotic Veg Beetroot Momo

Don’t fancy flour? Try our beetroot wrapped Momo. These are stuffed with exotic vegetables like snow peas and carrots. Have it with green bean sauce or hot sauce for best taste.

Corn Spinach and Mushroom Momo

All vegan Momo with only plant based fillings. We use wilted spinach, American corn and button mushrooms. These are best served steamed.

Darjeeling Chicken Momo

That juicy Himalayan chicken: steam it, fry it, have it the way you like. Best served with hot sauce which is included in the pack.

Darjeeling Veg Momo

This filling mixture of cabbage and cottage cheese will take you right back home to remind you of traditional Nepalese delights. Our hearty, healthy flour wrapping soaks up the sauce when dipped for extra wows.

Ladakhi Mutton Momo

Lamb from the streets of Ladakh. Tastes authentic with sesame sauce or hot sauce; wrapped in our healthy flour for quick, hassle-free steaming or frying.

Whole Wheat Tibetan Momo

This pork comes straight from Tibet to your homes. Hygienically wrapped in our healthiest flour option yet – whole wheat flour. For those who stay away from Maida.

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