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    MoMo King is an authentic Momo and fusion food chain having its headquarters in Malaysia. With multiple stores in Malaysia and India, MoMo King is the fastest-growing quick-serve restaurant chain in India that serves dumplings and other snacks. MoMo King aims to spread the delectable taste of Momo, a traditional Nepalese delicacy, across the world.  Over the years, MoMo King has remained true to its aim of delivering the “authentic taste of Momo” across the Asian subcontinent.

    Become our partner and be a part of the India momo story. We are looking for franchisee partners in all major cities in north India, and also viewing places like Sikkim and Darjeeling for future expansion. We are also interested in exploring urban centers like Mumbai and Bangalore, and tourist destinations like Agra and Goa.

    What are we looking for in our future partners?

    We are looking for a Chain Restaurant franchisee In India with previous experience in Food and Beverage or Hospitality segments. MoMo King wants people who are willing to contribute their time and energy to operate the franchisee business instead of merely investing in the brand.

    By becoming a part of the MoMo King family, you can leverage your business output and image via a recognized brand name. We make sure that the products you get are of consistent quality, and we can help you attain higher levels of productivity and motivated staff. Becoming a franchisee will also help you scale up your business, and reduce risks of failure.

    Contact our team to learn more about the process and other details for the MoMo King franchise In Delhi.

    • Are you looking for a successful international food franchise in Delhi? We have got news! Momo King is the fastest growing momo QSR in Delhi NCR and Uttar Pradesh with an aim to reach 100 locations in just a few years. Momo is one of India’s favourite snacks and fast food and this could be your chance to capitalize on India’s love for momos. From taste and versatility to reach and likeability, momo is perhaps one of the most commercially scalable food to ever exist. We have seen record growth in our sales numbers from all outlets and delivery even as the pandemic slowed down business for other QSR restaurants. Get in touch with us to know more about the exciting opportunities that lie ahead as Momo King’s chain restaurant franchisee.
    • Momo King is the world’s only QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) chain that serves fresh momo with no MSG or harmful ingredients. This makes Momo King the perfect chain restaurant franchisee in India. Over the last few years, we have seen year-on-year growth for our partner investors and the brand awareness has gone through the roof. We have been featured in Forbes, GQ, LBB (to name a few big players) as one the most innovative QSR restaurants in India. Our love for food translates with our authentic Himalayan momo that provides our customers with a taste found nowhere else. This is the perfect time to expand your brand portfolio with Momo King and be a part of the food revolution. 
    • If you are someone who loves food and business as much as we do, our franchising plans will be perfect for you. We offer competitive plans and low-cost franchising options for investors from across the industry. This makes it easier for people to partner with us and be a part of India’s fastest-growing Momo QSR restaurant chain. We offer franchisee of a restaurant starting at just INR 4 lacs and going up to 10 lacs. This is the most competitive franchise pricing for any established QSR chain in India. Ever since announcing our franchise plans, we have had hundreds of potential investors reach out to us for an opportunity to invest and become a part of the Momo King franchisee in Delhi and throughout India.