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How The Momo King wants to change India’s perception of momo

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7 Oct

How The Momo King wants to change India’s perception of momo

India is a unique market when it comes to momo. Momo are immensely popular in India, and in every big city, you will find a momo stall in every street corner. Momo are a street food staple for Indians- and in Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, north Bengal and the states in the northeast, they are a cultural landmark.

But then, as Mr Thakur puts it, if you want to find authentic momo, you have to look somewhere other than the street corner stalls. “What you get there is hardly the real stuff,” he says. “That is fine for satisfying your craving, but if you are passionate about momo, and value authenticity, you have to either go to the Himalayas or spend a fortune at some five-star hotel.”

He points out that in the street stalls, not only is the product being sold not authentic, there are other pressing issues to take note of as well. There is a question of hygiene, and use of good quality products while making momo. “One day you might have a plate and then fall ill. Because they have used rotten ingredients, or have not maintained proper hygiene. Always remember that the priority here is to provide momo at low prices, but that does not mean that you will be getting quality products,” he says.

How The Momo King is different from the rest

Mr Thakur and his team’s priority is to serve the customer and provide them with the authentic taste of momo. “We will give you the real stuff, but you won’t have to burn a hole in your wallet for it. And be assured, your food is going to be clean and healthy,” he says. The Momo King’s objective is to provide momo of authentic taste and excellent quality at affordable prices.

The USP of The Momo King is using the original herbs that have been defining the taste of the Himalayan momo since historical times. The Momo King will use herbs like Timur and Silum, which are found only in Nepal and China to impart that unique flavour to their momo, that you won’t find in any street stall or other outlets. “These are very expensive and rare,” Mr Thakur says. “But we are going to make sure that you do not have to pay a fortune for them. I will say this loudly- what you have been having till now is not what momo should taste like. And once you taste the difference with The Momo King, you will come back for more.”

What you get at The Momo King are juicy, fresh momo and impeccable customer service. “If you want to build a reputation, you must look after your customers. You not only give them the best products but also ensure that your service is fast, your representatives are polite and savvy, and your outlets reflect the spirit of hospitality,” says Mr Thakur. Which is why, in all his businesses, he has always strived to provide a great ambience so that the customers feel welcome and come back again.

Mr Thakur also believes that narrow focus on making money is detrimental to a brand. “If you are focused only on the commercial aspects, your product will reflect it. You will settle for less, for un-fresh products, your taste will suffer, and eventually, you will turn off your customers,” says Mr Thakur. “At The Momo King, we understand that quality and good customer service should always be the top priority in business. It is the only way you build brand loyalty.”

Standing out in the crowd

What The Momo King plans to do is to create a niche for itself. “We are not going to serve our customers only one type of products,” says Mr Thakur. “What we will do is go beyond the usual chain restaurant formula. We will serve our customer’s fresh products that incorporate the local flavours as well.”

This is indeed an ambitious gambit because each city and region in India has its take on Momo. In some places, momo are all about heat and spiciness, while in others, they are more of a wholesome and soothing nature. To make sure that customers get the local zing in their nearby The Momo King servings, the brand aims to have centralised kitchens in every region. This way, the products stay fresh, the local flavours get infused, and uniformity in taste is maintained across all outlets in that circle.

So if you want your local specialities by way of The The Momo King, visit or order from the nearest outlet now.