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Latest News and Stories from the amazing world of Momos.
  • Interesting Facts about Momos

    Who doesn’t love momos? Even people who say they don’t like momos love momos. They are cheap, healthy, tasty and available on ...

  • The Momo King Vision

    The Momo King vision: Bringing Himalayan hospitality to the world Mr Thakur is optimistic about The Momo King’s worldwide succes...

  • The Momo King Story

    For Mr Shyam Narayan Thakur, momos are a passion. “I want to redefine the word,” he says. “I want people to think of Momo Ki...

  • How The Momo King wants to change India’s perception of momos

    India is a unique market when it comes to momos. Momos are immensely popular in India, and in every big city, you will find a momo...