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31 Jul


Spread the love of Momo. Become our Franchisee!

Momo King is a global brand situated in Malaysia and wants to spread the love for momo all over the globe. For now, Momo King has spread around the capital city in India and Malaysia only but is continuously making its way to reach more people and give them an authentic taste of the Himalayan Momo.

Momo are a traditionally a Nepalese delicacy made in the hygienic kitchen rather than the usual perception of being made on the street. Momo King is a class apart when we serve to our customers and we have been able to maintain this everywhere we go.

We now aim to spread our Momo love in India. Starting from the capital Delhi, we want to make a space for ourselves in all the major metropolitan cities. We aspire to be a destination rather than just be another restaurant around the block.

Expectations from our future partners 

We would like to work with franchisees that have previous experience in food, hospitality, management and similar businesses. We have a vision of spreading the love for authentic Momo taste and we would like our future partner to have the same vision, who considers Momo King as one of their own. This is the only way to maintain the legacy and standards.

In collaborating with us, we have experience to share with our partners. Also, when we join hands we make sure that consistency in quality is maintained as we know how important it is that customer should feel loved. We operate the brand/kitchen in a way that our partners have a hassle free experience. We understand the role played by staff is most crucial and hence we provide motivated staff 24*7 for our partners. Being a part of our family is going to increase your reputation and take away any risks.

So why not contact us and get on to a great journey of Authentic Himalayan food?

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