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About Us

Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, Momo King aims to spread the delectable taste of Momo, a traditional Nepali delicacy, across the world. Over the years, Momo King has remained true to its mission of delivering the “authentic taste of Momo” across the Asian subcontinent.
Delicious Food by Momo King in India

Delicious Food

Love Momos? Then you must try one from Momo King. Taking the love of Momos to a new level, the King of Momos is here in India. We guarantee that you can never have just one!

Authentic Taste of Momos at Momo King Malaysia

Authentic Taste

Ever wondered, how Momos tastes like in Tibet, Nepal or China? Look no further- try out our momos. Our momos are cooked in the traditional way using native Himalayan herbs so that you get the real taste of Himalayas.

Real Ingredients used at Momo King India

Real Ingredients

Momo King uses only real ingredients to make the freshest and the most authentic-tasting momos. Feel the flavours come alive with our momos. Once you have tasted the real stuff, there is no going back.

Fresh Quality Ingredients at Momo King India

The Freshest Menu

Experience the spirit of Himalayan hospitality at our restaurants. Momo King prides itself in providing an ambience rich with the warmth of Asian culinary tradition and the cosmopolitan vibe of urban India. Join us for an experience you won’t forget.

Hygienic Exquisite recipe by Momo King Malaysia

Hygienic Momos

Want the taste of the street but afraid of germs? Momo King is here with India’s favourite street food without the health scares. The food we serve is clean and we maintain the highest standards or hygiene.

Amazing Appetizers at Momo king Malaysia

Amazing Appetizers

What can be better than momos to whet your appetite? Start off with a plate as an appetizer- and we won’t judge if you make your entire meal out of it.

Our Product Offerings

We are committed to providing you with a healthy, clean and real momo at affordable rates. Momo King is the perfect destination for foodies who want the real taste of Himalayan momos. Have them on the go, eat them as snacks or check out a variety of them for a unique dining experience- momos are there to serve all your food needs.

With Momo King, you get what you pay for- and not some substitute that leaves you unsatisfied. The food we serve is made from fresh and real ingredients, and are prepared using rare herbs that accentuate the taste.

If you want to know what Himalayan hospitality is like, visit your nearest Momo King outlet. Feel the fusion of Asian tradition and modern sleekness at Momo King, and you will want to come back again. We welcome everyone who walks through our doors, and our staff will do their best to accommodate all your needs.


VISION: To become a global brand.


By offering ethically sourced, quality food products which are reasonably priced and produced in a hygienic environment.


Customer Focus
We value and respect everyone who comes through our doors. We strive to listen & serve them a genuine experience of enjoying the authentic taste of the Himalayan treats.

We are committed to offering a consistent service around the world. We will keep on striving to continue to serve, entice and delight.

Following the highest standards of professionalism and being recognized for doing so. Integrity, to us, means not only in terms of money and originality but also, encompassing all others forms as are generally understood.

Family and community are an essential part of life at The Momo King. Here we uphold the belief that we work best when we work together and share experiences and perspectives to bring great ideas & innovations to the table.



The Momo King logo is designed by our founder Shyam himself. When you look at the logo, the word “momo” registers, which also evokes the Tibetan word “mog mog”, which also feels like “me and we”.

Shyam sees himself in that logo.

The logo shows that the Momo King brand is friendly and approachable. It is designed to communicate the brands warm, friendly and welcoming nature.

Keeping with the logo the restaurants décor and aesthetic are of warm woodsy hues. It also gives a rich Asian heritage type of feeling.

Momo King Company Profile

Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Momo King aims to bring the taste of authentic Himalayan momos to the world. Our mission is to bring the “authentic taste of Momo” to Asia and beyond, and to make every customer who walks through our doors feel welcome.

Mr Shyam Thakur founded Momo King in 2017 after establishing the popular nightlife haunt “The China Bar” in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. After marking a successful year in Malaysia, Momo King opened its first outlets in India in Delhi and Gurgaon.

Momo King aspires to be synonymous with the word “momo”. Momos are versatile and wholesome- be it as appetizers, snacks, dinner and lunch, or for a quick bite on the go. Momo King is interpreting the traditional Himalayan delicacy to suit the tastes of the urban youth, and seeks set a benchmark for customer service in the industry.

Our aim is to offer authentic Himalayan momos and noodles that you won’t find anywhere else, and serve our customers with clean, hygienic food at affordable rates. All our dishes are prepared by chefs who are passionate about their craft, and are always looking to incorporate local flavours and modern zing with traditional methods to create food that is sumptuous and unforgettable.

We are looking to take Himalayan hospitality to the world, and our launch in India marks the first step in that journey. Discover more and become a part of our growing family.


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